WHEELY – the electric vehicle for disabled people

10,00 mio €
The electric vehicle WHEELY has been developed based on years of experiences of developing different kind of vehicles – vehicles powered by electric engines and by internal combustion engines. Basic development guidelines of WHEELY were: - attractive shape, - high safety standards, - competitive production price, - low maintaining costs, - low registration costs, - very long life span (which could mean extended warranty offered to costumers), - modern and environmentally friendly materials, - efficient drive train, - the vehicle made by EU strategies, EU guidelines and EU standards, innovative technical solutions. The WHEELY is attractive, modern, easy to maintain 2-3 seated vehicle for urban transport and is solving the problem of independence and mobility of disabled people. It is market-orientated. The WHEELY vehicle is developed with the help of EU funds. It is distinguished by innovative and technical solutions that provide competitive advantage coappeared to other solutions.



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