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Slovenian American Business Association at Maribor Development Agency

On Friday August 12, 2016 Jurcek Zmauc, SABA president, visited Maribor development Agency and Investment Promotion Agency. Meeting with Bozidar Pucnik, Managing Director at this agency showed a lot of common interest in future.

Maribor Development Agency is a non-profit professional organization that performs the tasks of regional development agency in Podravje region. The efficiency of its operation provides with the designed network of own and external experts for the regional and sustainable development, promote the development of entrepreneurship and tourism, human resource development and the internationalization of business. From 1993 onwards organize and coordinate regional economic development strategy, which includes the following priority actions:

  • The preparation and implementation of the Regional Development Programme of Podravje region
  • Encouraging a regional approach to addressing the problems of Podravje region
  • Attracting new economic development initiatives in the region,
  • Promotion of sustainable development and the development of tourism and rural
  • Advising companies in the internationalization of business,
  • Integration of the scientific environment and the economy,

Cooperation with municipalities and professional institutions concerned with the future of the region.