Invest inPodravje

7 good reasons to invest in the Podravje region


Thriving industry clusters

In the past large industrial companies have been an instrument of regional development policy in Slovenia. Now the cluster initiatives in the regions are taking this role over. Slovenia’s regions have many kinds of experience in the field of supporting end encouraging clustering, networking and cooperation. In the regional development plans throughout Slovenia the cluster policy is incorporated into those plans. The importance of the Regional policy in general is seen as improvement of competitiveness of the region, cross-regional cooperation and fostering of R&D.

Members of the clusters are from business sector, universities, R&D institutions and support organisations (like Chamber of Commerce). Clusters do not involve only interactions between cluster members but also to other actors within Slovenia and other regions. The most typical relationship involves horizontal linkages among the companies and between companies and Universities and R&D institutions focusing on innovation issue.

Beside the clusters to which a special attention within the ADC project is paid (Mechatronic, Agrifood, Modern Housing, Logistics)  there are some other clusters and initiatives in the Podravje region that were identified and already in the framework of previous projects initiatives in the region. They are the following:

- TECES, Research and Development Centre of Electrical machines
- RAST – Regional Avio Destination of Slovene Tourism
- Automotive Cluster of Slovenia ACS (regional members)
- Energy and Construction initiative
- Alureg initiative
- Viticulture and tourism cluster initiative
- Others:  GRIKO – Construction Craft Cluster has been established in 2004 and is not active yet, Wood Construction Cluster – not interested in participation).


Other reasons