Invest inPodravje

7 good reasons to invest in the Podravje region


Solid industrial base with tradition

The Podravje Region has enjoyed the reputation of a strong industrial region in the past century. Most companies were in the processing industries such as: metal-processing, chemical, supply of constructing materials and parts and food & beverages.

Today Maribor is still the largest industrial town it the region. Metal products are still manufactured there as well as chemicals (detergents), textiles and wood-processing products. During World War II, a hydrated alumina and aluminium plant was constructed in Kidričevo. Later, it was transformed into an aluminium plant which today is connected with a semi-manufactured aluminium goods plant in Slovenska Bistrica. Other industries include a paper factory in Sladki Vrh, the manufacturing of spectacles and the production of ferro-alloys, carbide and fertilizers in Ruše.

The Podravje Region still has all the attributes required for production of sophisticated products. They are mostly from the following industrial sectors:

- Automotive
- Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals
- Electrical & Electronics
- Logistics & Distribution
- Machining & Metalworking
- Wood-processing

The most important companies operating in the region include: Henkel Slovenija, Impol, Carrera Optyl, Perutnina, Talum, Impol, Paloma, Mariborska livarna, Swaty, Tovarna vozil Maribor, TDR Metalurgija, ELKO, Messer Slovenija.

Manufacturing companies lead the way in generating the highest gross value added and among them large companies account for more gross value added than all other companies put together.

However the economy of the Podravje Region is dominated by the service industry, which represents about 60% of the overall structure. All types of service activities are well developed in Maribor

Other reasons