Invest inPodravje

7 good reasons to invest in the Podravje region


Perfect logistic infrastructure and world class ICT properties

Due to it’s geographic position the Podravje region can be used as a gateway to the regional markets and thus the investors can benefit from expanding their business through regional supportive environment including pro-business infrastructure. Podravje’s infrastructure enables inland transport of goods, reliable electricity and gas supply as well as  internet connections. The country of  Slovenia has a transport system which consists of over  700 km. Wider in the country also a modern port infrastructure in the Port of Koper is available only two hours drive from Podravje.

This Slovenian port is strategically placed and provides a great opportunity of supplying logistics and goods shipping services towards central and southern Europe. The Mediterranean transport networks meet the Trans European network in the Port of Koper increasingly present in feeder routings and port rotation as companies provide customers with improved operational efficiency, greater capacity, wider port coverage and quality services to and from the Mediterranean. 

In addition to well-developped physical infrastructure, a successive programmes of infrastructure development and investment have been implemented in the past fifteen years. This way the country of Slovenia and it’s region of Podravje have one of the most advanced and competitive telecommunications infrastructures in Europe. The telecommunications market is dynamically regulated and thus several investments in recent years have resulted in state-of-the-art optical networks with world-class national and international connectivity.

Other reasons