Invest inPodravje

7 good reasons to invest in the Podravje region


Dynamic enterpreneurship environmet for SMEs and startups

In  the framework of the  Slovenian innovation and competitiveness policy 2010 and on the regional policy is correspondingly  based on supporting all economics sectors, there is no sector focus. The Policy is horizontal and aimed to all economic sectors. The target groups are companies (SMEs) and R&D institutions. The support to the global competitiveness and internationalisation of knowledge based economy was one of the measures in the Podravje Regional Development Plan 2007-2013. This has been and is continued to be implemented through: 

- encouraging development of business, business excellence, business dissemination on foreign markets and 
- internationalisation of companies.
- further development of specialised experts services for development and internationalisation SME support
- encouraging of different forms of networking and cooperation between SMEs, and SMEs and R&D
- increased SME accessibility for national and international development incentives.

 There is a broad interest of  SMEs particular in the sectors of (optional branches / sectors):

- metal processing
- aluminium processing
- construction
- energy
- logistics
- tourism
- food & beverages processing and
- wood processing and furniture
- chemicals

Other reasons