Invest inPodravje

7 good reasons to invest in the Podravje region


Availability of highly qualified, educated and multilingual workforce

Slovenia has a very well-educated population with excellent foreign language skills. A high proportion of the population has a university degree. Over 70% of population can have a conversation in at least two foreign languages. English, German and Italian are mostly used.  Self motivation and efficiency is integral part of Slovenian business culture

Regional focus is on education, training and industry driven research. The regional workforce in Podravje has a high reputation for flair for technology and innovation thanks to a successful combination of a long industrial tradition and quality formal schooling as an important contributor to the skills of an individual and to human capital.    

Skilled labour is available to a range of industries making Slovenia an easy location for investors to fill talent. Since the late 1970s when the first foreign investors came to Slovenia, the skill base remains the country’s key attraction as an inward investment location. 

Availability of Skilled Labour on the national level 2014

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia


Language skills in Slovenia, 2014

Source: Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia

Other reasons