Invest inPodravje

7 good reasons to invest in the Podravje region

Slovenia has a very well-educated population with excellent foreign language skills. A high proportion of the population has a university degree. Over 70% of population can have a conversation in at least two foreign languages. English, German and Italian are mostly used.  Self motivation and efficiency is integral part of Slovenian business culture

Setting up a company in Podravje, means setting up in the heart of Europe! Located on Europe’s main north-south and east-west traffic corridors Podravje has a highly developed transport network connected to all major European capitals. By motorway Podravje is just a day’s journey for 180 million Europeans. Thanks to its geographic position the logistics are

Due to it’s geographic position the Podravje region can be used as a gateway to the regional markets and thus the investors can benefit from expanding their business through regional supportive environment including pro-business infrastructure. Podravje’s infrastructure enables inland transport of goods, reliable electricity and gas supply as well as  internet

The Podravje Region has enjoyed the reputation of a strong industrial region in the past century. Most companies were in the processing industries such as: metal-processing, chemical, supply of constructing materials and parts and food & beverages.

Today Maribor is still the largest industrial town it the region. Metal products are still manufactured

In the past large industrial companies have been an instrument of regional development policy in Slovenia. Now the cluster initiatives in the regions are taking this role over. Slovenia’s regions have many kinds of experience in the field of supporting end encouraging clustering, networking and cooperation. In the regional development plans throughout Slovenia the

In  the framework of the  Slovenian innovation and competitiveness policy 2010 and on the regional policy is correspondingly  based on supporting all economics sectors, there is no sector focus. The Policy is horizontal and aimed to all economic sectors. The target groups are companies (SMEs) and R&D institutions. The support to the global competitiveness and

The Podravje region provides the ideal environment for tourism in general and for medical tourism in particular.  Stunning locations are easily reached by road, air, rail and sea, people are friendly, fine food and excellent local wine – a potential still waiting to be developed. The attractions such as Venice, Vienna and Prague can attract visitors from far-flung