Establishing a Company

Establishing a limited liability company or a branch office is the most common practice of foreign companies establishing their business in Podravje as well as wider in Slovenia. However there are possibilities for establishing other types of companies or partnerships as follows:  


Company registration procedure

The registration of a company in Podravje is regulated by the national laws and regulations. Thus the first step means the obtaining of the Tax number . A different   step-by-step company registration procedure is following. Professional assistance in registering a company is offered free of charge.  

It is recommended to ask a certain notary  office for the assistance although some activities within the registration procedure can be done by entrepreneurs or companies by themselves and with the help of online services.  Through the on line “VEM portal” companies or entrepreneurs may carry out electronic services, which are linked to the formation of a company and some other procedures that are carried out by the business entity upon or after its formation.