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Business complex, Maribor, Tezno

Association AMD TAM Maribor (društvo AMD TAM) is located on Zagreb road 29 in Tezno, border to the business unit AMZS d.d. The business complex consists of three buildings, from a business object "A" measuring 528 m2, consisting of basement rooms, which are furnished in a lecture hall, the rest are blank spaces in the size of 110 m2. On the ground floor is located the premises in the size of 90 m2, which is equipped with separate meters for electricity, gas and water. It is also for rent space measuring 60.62 m2, which can be arrange in the medical practice, store or office. The space is equipped with separate meters for electricity, gas and water. In the first floor are offices, conference room and classroom. It is rent a conference room, which can be arranged in an office or two (52 m2) and one office (20 m2).

Business building "B" in the size of 358 m2 are used for garage spaces, is compose of three separate entrances, equipped with a lift doors and a separate meter for electricity.

Business building "C" measuring 103 m2 is consists of three separate garages.

In the association surroundings is a lot parking spaces, green and asphalt area to implement the skill exercises with motor vehicles.

Category: office, storage facilities, land, garage spaces, asphalted learning ground

State: the facility was built in 2001 and regularly sanitized

Gross: 5.858 m2

Net: 990 m





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  • electricity
  • water
  • gas
  • sewer
  • telephone
  • internet


Sell: depending on whether the whole complex or each building Rent: 4 EUR + VAT


Vojka Werglez
+386 (0)40 888 061