Regional Development Agency Podravje – Maribor




As the central development agency in the Podravje region, the Regional Development Agency for the Podravje Region - Maribor, together with partner institutions, is the most important link for the development of the Municipality of Maribor and all other 40 municipalities in the region. Due to the vital function it performs, it must represent the best service to municipalities in the field of regional development, project support, drawing European funds, networking, attracting investors, tourism development, smart specialization and support to the business environment.

Scientific-research center Bistra Ptuj (SRC Bistra Ptuj)




Scientific-Research Center Bistra Ptuj (SRC Bistra Ptuj) is a scientific research and regional development institution responsible for promoting the development of excellence in the environment in which it operates, in all areas of its operation according to internationally comparable criteria and strongly involved in EU projects. In its efforts so far and based on the results of its work, SRC Bistra Ptuj has become a nationally and internationally recognizable and recognized institution for creating links between the scientific, research and educational spheres (faculties, institutes, other R&D institutions) and economic entities, it is also a link between municipalities and local self-government and state services , in order to assist in promoting and managing local and regional development of the area. The main activities include the promotion of comprehensive and locally oriented sustainable development of the subregion, which consists of 16 municipalities of the Spodnje Podravje (Lower Podravje) region, establishing and maintaining links between companies, research institutions and authorities, enabling innovation and knowledge transfer to SMEs.

RRC – Ormož




The Ormož Research and Development Center (RRC Ormož) performs professional, developmental and other tasks in the field of economic, social, environmental and spatial development of municipalities and the region. Their goal is to help develop entrepreneurship, the economy and tourism both locally and regionally. RRC Ormož is a recognizable institution that contributes to the development of the local and regional environment.





Development Agency Slovenske gorice d.o.o. (RASG) is an independent business entity that performs all legal transactions and operational and administrative tasks for the Local Action Group Ovtar Slovenskih goric (LAG Ovtar). Among the activities of RASG we can include consulting and support to all entities in the area of ​​LAG Ovtar, organizing events, connecting the local offer, education, informing the public and tourism development.

RASG, on behalf of LAG Ovtar, implements public calls for European funds from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the European Regional Development Fund, which are intended for the implementation of various development projects. It also carries out consulting activities for business and public entities in the area of ​​the LAG Ovtar. 

Through various projects, it promotes modern approaches to rural development, the integration of local supply, tourism development, self-sufficiency and organic farming, and organizes various workshops, trainings and events. 

Offers administrative and operational support for the operation of the Ovtar Slovenskih goric Association, which connects providers and other stakeholders in rural development in the area of ​​the LAG Ovtar. The Ovtar Slovenskih goric Association is also a partner in several projects and is a strong connecting factor in the local offer in the area.

The Education Center of Slovenske gorice also operates in the domain of RASG, which provides training in the field of languages, computer science, entrepreneurship, etc. with recognized programs.

Since December 2009, RASG has been publishing monthly newspaper Ovtarjeve novice, which over time has become the central newspaper of the region, as the contents mainly touch on current events in the area of ​​LAG Ovtar,

RASG ensures the operation of a tourist information center on its premises, which offers basic tourist information, promotional materials and the possibility of purchasing tourist souvenirs. It also organizes local guide services for announced groups and tourists.

In all activities, RASG has a strong partnership network in Slovenske gorice and in the wider region, also in cross-border cooperation, with knowladge of entrepreneurship, agriculture, etc.

RIC – Slovenska Bistrica




Development Information Centre Slovenska Bistrica is a development and support institution whose basic purpose is to promote the development of entrepreneurship, economic development and tourism in the municipality of Slovenska Bistrica and neighboring municipalities. We also cooperate with institutions at the national and international level. We focus our activities on the implementation of four sets of activities: i) development of entrepreneurship, ii) local and regional development, iii) tourism development, iv) rural development.

Our mission is to create value for target participants in the local environment by developing and allocating resources and capabilities, with value relating to the provision of services and products that impact the social and economic aspects and affect society as a whole.